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Thursday, May 18, 2006

An Actual Email I Sent Today

Broadman & Holman is offering a free leatherbound Holman Christian Standard Bible (NT/Psalms-Proverbs edition) while supplies last.

"If you could design or build your own Bible, what would it be? (features, size, notes, etc.)"

To the Generous People at Broadman-Holman Publishing or to Whomever It May or May Not Concern,

I would design and build a Bible that combines application notes with Greek and Hebrew language notes while avoiding the errors of crappy Pre-Millennial Dispensationalist theology. It would include specific sections or articles on Jewish customs and historical background for original context clues. The historical background and context clues would be a great addition to a study Bible that I have thus far not seen in any Bible out; plus the usual maps, charts, indices, etc. ALL THAT FITS IN PALM OF YOUR HAND (i.e. Pocket PC and Palm OS capable) FOR UNDER $50.

Here is an Idea, sell the leatherbound editions and hardback editions of this Bible packaged together with a disc(s) that contains MP3 of the entire bible being read aloud by Sean Connery for your computer, car stereo or Ipod; along with the best features of all the pastors libraries out right now; packaged with a version for both Windows based Pocket PCs and Palm OS.

And one final suggestion, although I know you will be tempted to call it The Michael L. McMinn Study Bible, I advise a more popular name such as The Rich Mullins Hold Me Jesus Life Change Holy Ghost Fire Baptized Study Bible to End All Study Bibles.

Thanks for asking, I expect you will get right on that and I also expect to hear from you very, very soon.

Michael McMinn, MDivBL

Seeing as we are Baptist you might consider removing the Holy Ghost Fire Baptized section of the title completely. Another option would be developing a special edition including the phrase to be sold in stores outside of Lifeway and SBC circles, including but not limited to Mardel Christian Stores, Family Christian Stores, Berean Stores, Parable Stores, Amazon.com, etc., to name a few.

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frostburgpreacher said...

You are a classic! I think I should have read your whole blog before I made my submission then I would have done something along the same lines.