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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Favorite Movies of 2006

These are the movies that I thought were great this year. I hope you will enjoy the list for what it is. I suggest you use whatever source you deem reliable in determining which movies fit your viewing standards. That being said here are my picks for 2006. They were great art, or they made me laugh, or they made me think:

1. The Departed: Scrosese's excellent take on the classic gangster genre.

2. Munich: Historically compelling, emotionally complex,

3. The Three Burials of Mequiades Estrada: Contemporary look at the code of the Cowboy and keeping a promise.

4. The Proposition: Australian western in the vein of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven

5. Little Miss Sunshine: Existentialism begets Nihilism begets dark comedy

6. Cars: Voted #1 animated film of 2006, I voted #1 of all time.

7. Lady in the Water: A testament to the need in all of us to connect with stories.

8. V is for Vendetta: Superb adaptation of a graphic novel, a visual gem. (for me marred by ovbious attempt to make a connection to current political climate)

9. Lucky # Slevin: just a guilty pleasure movie for me, how many double crosses can you have in one movie.

Honorable mentions: Superman Returns, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and Inside Man.

Ones I Missed: I wanted to but never got around to seeing Children of Men, Flags of our Fathers, Casino Royale, and Babel.

Christianity Today has a list of The 10 Most Redeeming Films of 2006.

Review Sources:

Hollywood Jesus reviews movies with a focus on spiritual relevance.

Metaphilm and Metacritic are two online sources I refer too from time to time.

Matt Mungle is a local radio host and missional Christian who happens to be a member of the North Texas Film Critics Association. I generally tend to find that our taste in film is similar and refer to his reviews often when determining what movie I might like to go see.

Plugged-In Online offers reviews of mucis, films, and games for the Focus on the Family crowd.

Western Church Models vs. Eastern Church Growth

A great message from the Urbana Conference.


I had created the most awesome Favorite Films of 2006 complete with critic links, pics, amazon links etc. Went to dinner and a student came in and used my computer to check their myspace. I FAILED to save it since it was not complete. Needless to say my blog perfection ALL GONE. Check back tomorrow. I will recreate. I don't know if I will have the energy to make it as fantabulous.


The Bishop's Freebirds Story

Recently a friend of mine, church planter, and all around great example of someone living in the Way of Christ in the missional vein got to make (narate) his own Freebirds commercial. You can see it here. Long live the Bishop! Viva la Freebirds!

Todays Sign that the Apocalypse May Be Upon Us!

The BBC reports Robots could demand voting rights by 2056?!?!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Top Reads of 2006

Mind you these books did not necessarily come out in 2006 though most did:
Click on the title to go to Amazon. Click on the author to go to their blog or website if available.

Confessions of a Reformission Rev.: Hard Lessons from an Emerging Missional Church -- Mark Driscoll

The Radical Reformission: Reaching Out without Selling Out -- Mark Driscoll

The Tipping Point: How Little Things can make a Big Difference -- Malcolm Gladwell

The World is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century -- Thomas L. Friedman

Righteous: Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement -- Lauren Sandler

Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith -- Rob Bell

Revolution -- George Barna

Is Belief in God Good, Bad or Irrelevant?: A Professor and a Punk Rocker discuss science, religion, naturalism & Christianity -- Preston Jones

Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport: Making Connections in Today's World -- Richard J. Mouw

Planting Missional Churches -- Ed Stetzer

Breaking the Missional Code: Your Church can become a Missionary in your Community -- Ed Stetzer

Suburban Sprawl Myths

5 Myths About Suburbia and Our Car-Happy Culture

By Ted Balaker and Sam Staley
Sunday, January 28, 2007; Page B03

They don't rate up there with cancer and al-Qaeda -- at least not yet -- but suburban sprawl and automobiles are rapidly acquiring a reputation as scourges of modern American society. Sprawl, goes the typical indictment, devours open space, exacerbates global warming and causes pollution, social alienation and even obesity. And cars are the evil co-conspirator -- the driving force, so to speak, behind sprawl.

Yet the anti-suburbs culture has also fostered many myths about sprawl and driving, a few of which deserve to be reconsidered:

1.Americans are addicted to driving.

Actually, Americans aren't addicted to their cars any more than... (read the rest here)

Reformed Pastors Get Remixed!

John Piper is Bad!

John MacArthur is done with the Heavenly Rap!

Missional Tattoo/Missional Postoffice

Two examples of living as a missional Christian.


Missional Post Office

Hipster PDA Shuffle

Recently I blogged about my continueing efforts to increase Pro.duc.tiv.ity, get things done, and work on my time management skills. One of the things that I failed to mention but has been extremely beneficial is caring my new Hipster PDA.

Well now there is the new Hipster PDA Shuffle. Technology moves so quickly these days I just want to do my part to help you keep up. So in an effort to be helpful here is an instructional video on how you can create, use, and benefit from getting your own Hipster PDA Shuffle. The time to upgrade is now.


Other helpful Hipster PDA organizational links:
Organizing your hipster pda
Hipster PDA Wiki
Hipster PDA Hacks
Hipster PDA DIY Planner Page
Hipster PDA Keychain

Get organized! And you will find you have more time to spend with those you love doing the things you love.

Sin & Genetics - God & Science

A great little blog on reconciling faith and science when it comes to sin and genetics.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Creed vs. Story

Go check out Donal Miller on Creed vs. Story. It will cost you $2 to download but what is $2 when it is some good nourishment for the soul. You can also check out his other audio.

While you are at it check out some of Don's other web manifestations & projects:
Burnside Collective
His Blog for Fans
The Ankeny Briefcase

Espresso and Euphony

Schultz discusses MP3 potential for Starbucks

Pacific Northwest

When Starbucks pulled CD-burning machines out of most stores that were testing them last year, many wondered if the company would replace those machines with technology for filling MP3 players. The chatter got even louder last fall, when Starbucks unveiled its own area on Apple Computer's iTunes Web site.

On Tuesday, Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz dropped the word that, "Within 12 months, probably, you're going to be able to walk into a Starbucks and digitally be able to fill up your MP3 player with music.

"Over the next six to18 months you will see us look at it, perhaps test it," he said in a talk in New York presented by the Levin Institute, an independent graduate institute within the State University of New York, and Bloomberg News.

Escape from the Christian Ghetto!

Please, wake up! Wake up right now! God outside and tell me if you see Christian trees and Christian birds and Christian sky. Is you neighbor across the street using a Christian lawnmower and trimming up his lawn with a Wheat and Tares Weed Whacker

Stop being apart of the ghetto-ization of Christianity. Be in the world but not of it. Instead of creating your own insilation from the world. Most Christians I know are not in or of. They are out of the world and of the ghetto. We must stop building the Christian subculture that allows us to be insulated from pre-Christians, inocculated from relationships with pre-Christians and indoctirnated with Neo-gnostic dualism.

Youtube knock-off:

Myspace knock-offs:

On the one hand I may understand a parents desire to have a "safe alternative" to some internet communities. But ultimately does this work. My guess is not really. It serves to either insulate believers from the culture or entice them away from Christianity altogether. When insulation occurs they may have complete fidelity to the gospel they have no way of communicating the gospel to a world they are utterly disconnected from. On the otherhand legalsim often serves to woek in reverse and entice people towards the "foribidden fruit." Either way we fail and potency of the Gospel is circumvented because Christians either can't relate to the gospel to the culture they are disconnected from or they become so enticed by the lure of the culture that they fail to learn discernment and how to think critically about the culture.

Create art and entertainment for the world, not just for shallow, sheltered consumer Christians.
The Gifted (a Christianization of American Idol)

John chapter 17 gives guidelines for being in the world but not of it. Christians are not "of the world" any more than Christ is. That does not mean that we stand in opposition to the people of the world or that we need God to protect us from the world as if the world itself is evil. Yes, creation itself is fallen but needs, in fact AWAITS, redemption/renewal through Christ. But John 17:15 says we need God to protect us from Satan himself. He has caused humanity and all that God created to fall into a corruptible state. That does not mean that everything is beyond redemption. Just as people are redeemable so is the culture. God created culture and though it is marred by the stain of sin entiring the world, all is not lost.

Seek redemption in all of life. Seek to reconcile all things back to God. He created us for His pleasure but I dare say He created everything for His pleasure rather than ours. Create art, create culture. Don't create a Christian subculture that allows others to compartmentalize God and push Christians into a ghetto of our own making where they can ignore you and dismiss you as irrelevant.

A Great Post First Thing on Monday Morning!

Ok my pastor is a highly intellegent guy who just gets it wrong when it comes to who to root for as his number one NFL team. Other than that he is far ahead of the curve considering he was hatched in Arkansas. But he has a great new blog post this morning so check it out here: Heaven in the Real World.

And while you are at it here is our church website: Hagerman Baptist Church

Church Planting

I have been thinking and reading alot about church planting and these are some of my friends who are church planters. I would like you to pray for them, their families, their young churches, their ministries and also pray and ask God what your role in church planting is. Are you to plant? Support a plant finincially? Pray for a church plant? Maybe join a core group of laypeople as part of a church plant?

Click on the church name to see their website.
Where possible you can click on the pastors name to view their blog also.

The Apostles Church -- Manhattan, NYC, NY -- JR Vassar

Gateway Fellowship -- Royse City, TX -- Trent Brown

Hope Valley Community Church -- Green Valley Ranch, CO -- Korey Buchanek

The Journey -- Lubbock, TX -- Jason Bishop

Keystone Church -- Keller, TX -- Brandon Thomas

Watermark Church -- Boerne, TX -- Jason Brown

The Heights Fellowship -- Lubbock, TX -- Mike Martindale

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Some of the Best Things to See on You Tube. And yes, your welcome!

I LIKE BIG BIBLES Classic, spoof of Sir-Mix-a-Lot's crossover rap hit "I like big butts"
If you have not seen this one, it begs the question have you been under a rock and just discovered the internet in 2007?

I'm a Christ Follower (Mac vs. PC Parody) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
This is a 4 part series from Community Christian Church in Naperville, IL that is a great sermon series illustration parody of the popular Mac vs. PC commercials.

Living With Urgency (The Skit Guys vs Napoleon Dynamite)
The Skit Guys are about the only Christian Skit/Drama group that I have seen over the past 12 years in youth ministry that don't suck. The main reason is they DO NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES resort to JAZZ HANDS. The other reason is they are flat out hysterical. This is a digitally edited MASTERPIECE.

John Piper may just be one the greatest preachers of our time. And if so then this too is one of the greatest send up of our time . If you don't know JP recently used an Expletive in one of his sermons. Whether it was just a untimely mistake or a misguided attempt to be "relevant" many bloggers agree John Piper is Bad!

And I add two more from the skit guys who spoof The Office (quickly rising to the top as one of mine and Becky's fav's). The Workplace 1 & 2 is a great sermon supplement when talking about "How NOT to Live Missionally among your co-workers."

What happens when high school football coaches have too much free time on their hands.

And this blog is obviously what happens when I have too much free time on my hands so I think I will end it now. Oh yeah just one more here. This is simply amazing! --the guy traveled all around the world and to document his trip he recorded himself dancing each stop along the way!

Now go get back to work.

Church Planting Mindsets and Movements

Bob Roberts pastor of Northwood Church has been someone I have followed ever since the esteemed Roy Fish, Professor of Evangelism, at SWBTS invited him into class as his only guest lecturer. Any Bob has a great blog entry on Small Units and Multiplication. Don't think small churches only small minds.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Some Churches Don’t Care About Increasing Outreach to Their Community

OK here is a post from Church Relevance that begs the question: "Has anyone thought of using relationships." It seems to me that the methods highlighted in this survey are either event oriented (VBS, concerts, crusades) or passive in nature (tracts/magazines, tapes/dvd's, websites/blogs).

Do you consider any of these forms missional or relational?
Ellison Research recently discovered that four out of ten pastors lack strong interest in increasing community outreach. At the same time, Ellison Research also learned what the 811 ministers who were surveyed are using to reach their communities.

In the last year,

  • 70% use Vacation Bible School
  • 59% use tracts or magazines
  • 56% use events such as block parties or a Fall Festival
  • 51% use musical events or concerts
  • 50% use mailings or fliers
  • 49% use nursing home or retirement center visits
  • 42% use “invite a friend to church” days
  • 40% use revivals or crusades
  • 38% use evangelism training classes or groups
  • 37% use door-to-door visitation within the community
  • 31% use community service such as cleanup days
  • 27% use online efforts such as blogs or web sites
  • 26% use audio or visual products such as tapes or DVDs
  • 20% use booths at community events such as the county fair

While some ministers may not be interested in increasing community outreach because they lack the resources to do so, it is still surprising that 40% of the ministers surveyed lack a strong interest.

This is an actual sentence?

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Wiki, as always, has the answer. Bison from Buffalo, New York, who are intimidated by other bison in their community, also happen to intimidate other bison in their community. Grammar makes my head hurt.

I like to stump my wife the English teacher every once and awhile. I have impeccable grammar but every now and then I slip up and she is there to pounce on me like a mountain lion of correction with her sharp claws of grammatical correctitude.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good Reading from Around the Web this Week

Who really cares? Who is more giving of time, money, energy?
Check out this Christianity today article to learn the truth about Compassionate Conservatives.

Pocket Guide to New Testament Theology
Free online book by Biblical scholar I. Howard Marshall

5 Streams of the Emerging Church
A great article for those trying to get a grasp on what the Emerging Church is all about. I believe this is one of the more balanced articles I have read on the issue.

The Bible Called Me Stupid
A great little blog about being the kind of person that can take loving correction even though it may not be easy to receive.

Prof. Scot McKnight discusses some forms of legalism this blog thread for a great discussion of Pharisees and Zealotry. The first link is to the older posts and the second and the second is the most recent article in the series.

Ned Flanders and Me (from Matt Chandlers blog, Pastor of The Village Church in Dallas)
This is older, from before Christmas I believe but it hit me with a dose of personal conviction so I thought some of you out there around my age and in ministry might benefit from a good kick in the pants too.

And in news so bizarre it has to be shared. Cruise is 'Christ of Scientology' and T.O. Blames Tuna
and most importantly we may finally know who really invented the Hamburger.

Hope all is well.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Best Podcasts of 2006

Mars Hill Seattle - Mark Driscoll
Sermons in both pod and vod format, new music feed, even special events held at the church like their 'film and theology' series and 'practical theology for women' series

The Resurgence
The conference arm of Mars Hill Seattle, with great preaching/teaching by Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, Ed Stetzer and others. Think Reformed Theology, Think Missional, Think I Should Go Listen Right Now.

Acts 29 Church Planting Network
Church Planting messages by Mark Driscoll and his network from the Bootcamp and other trianing events. Sound reformed, missional theology, church planting wisdom and advice, training and preparedness.

Catalyst Conference
The leadership filter for what's next in the church! (their own words, not mine)

Mars Hill Grand Rapids - Rob Bell
Rob Bell, controversial in some circles, inspiring in others, definitely thought provoking and sometimes awe inspiring. Certainly a different take on things than what I am used to.

The Village - Matt Chandler
Matt Chandler, exile from the Left Coast now pastoring a Bible Belt church in Dallas, Texas, what some might call "the Buckle" of said belt. A Prophetic Voice in a Religious, but not necessarily Christian culture.

Mosaic - Erwin McManus
Church Re:planter. Labored a long time as the Pastor of the famous L.A. Church on Brady before seeing it transition into the missional, creative epi-center for churches reaching artistic, creative postmoderns now known as Mosaic. Check out his fresh perspective on Scripture.

Imago Dei - Rick McKinley
How would you like to be known as Donald Miller's (Blue Like Jazz author) pastor? Well listen to Rick's solid Biblical preaching, hear his heart for his community, feel his passion for the Kingdom of God and soon he will be one of your favorite pastors.


Strong Bad Email
If you don't know about Homestar Runner and his ineptly evil nemesis Strongbad then crawl out from under that rock and be prepared to laugh. You may need to check out the site and watch several early episodes and browse the different areas to figure out all the characters and backgrounds but this is what Saturday morning cartoons could and should be for a more grown up crowd. Don't worry its clean, I didn't mean that grown up.

Hope is Emo
Some won't get this satirical look at the millenial emo kid hipster scene. Working with students for 14 years I can guarantee you there are kids out there on the verge of being this mellodramatic. The reality is almost too real to be funny but if any of what I have said so far half -way resonates with you check this videos out.

Paste Culture Club
Great music and interviews and discussion from the guys at Paste Magazine. Go now if you want to find the newest and bestest(!) music and film outside the top 40 hooey (the technical music term). Go and be prepared to learn of great new bands, be transformed into a rock snob, and impress all your friends with your new scenester status.

The Skit Guys
If you don't know the skit guys I will just say they are the best thing to happen to church drama since Luther put a nail and a piece of paper on a certian door in Wittenburg. Speaking of the Wittenburg Door check it out too. Christianities only satirical magazine for over 30 years!
In fact for a really great introduction to the Skit Guys check them on YouTube here.

Best Blogs of 2007

The Resurgence
includes Mark Driscoll, Ed Stetzer, Matt Chandler

Steve McCoy
Reformed, Baptist, Pastor, Photographer, Good Taste in Music

The Rabbi
College Friend, DTS Grad, Pastor, Barista, Rabbi

Catalyst Blog
Catalyst Conference Blog,

Chris Little
Leadership Guru, Student Minister, Texan living in Denver, Friend

Dr. Scot McKnight
Professor, Emerging, NT Scholar

The Constructive Curmudgeon
Professor Doug Groothius, Philosopher, Preacher, Curmudgeon

Church Relevance
exists to inspire and train ministers to create relevant and effective ministries with design, marketing, leadership, and ministry techniques


I plan on cranking out some Top Ten type lists here real soon for my blog. I have had a busy New Year and am behind on getting these out, at the price of possibly losing everyones interest late in the game but here are some teasers for some of these lists to watch for in the next few days.

Top Blogs I of 2006

Top 10 Best Cd's of 2006

Top Pod/Vod-casts of 2007

Best Books You Should have Read in 2006

Bill Parcells Just Made My Day!

Oh Happy Day!

The New Jersey conman, the glorified gym teacher, Bill Parcells resigned today as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. This is the greatest day of 2007 so far. All I have to say is Jerry Jones better take full advantage of this opportunity. This is

As long as the Cowboys, under the leadership of Jerry Jones, doesn't go out and hire Bill Cower, or go back to Chan Gailey, I do not see how they can not go up from here.

I have not been a fan of the pear-shaped New Jersey geriatric from early on and I am truly pleased. The Cowboys have a great opportunity to turn things I can't wait to see what they do now.

Guilt in Blogdom

As I puruse blogs of friends and family and influencers I have come to the realization that some might be much more purposeful in their efforts. Some seem downright so busy with their blog that I often find myself wondering if they have any time for other things like: life, love, family, dinner, or a relationship with God. Other times I find myself feeling guilty that I am not as profound or prolific or poetic as others. I feel guilty that they seem to be evangelizing the multitudes of cyberspace and I seem to be doing something more akin to, ahem, "writing my name in the snow.'

I have come to realize really that this comes out of who I am and does not call into question my personal devotion to Christ or sharing the gospel. I believe the gospel is for everyone. I believe I am called to preach and teach the gospel, to live it and share it with my fellow man, I just don't think cyberspace really sees this effectively take place. I am sure some of my friends in bloggerville will disagree and if they do they will most certainly write, er, I mean, blog about it.

Personally I believe the gospel is relational, verbal, incarnational, personal and communal. I know anyone can make a case that blogs and internet interaction can be used of God and blessed by Him to move through the power of the Holy Spirit to engage people and awaken them spiritually to respond to the Truth. I, however, would rather spend less time typing into a computer, er, blogging, my thoughts and convictions on the gospel and get out side with people, in person, in bars, in coffee houses, at sonic drive-ins, on the frisbee golf couse or basketball courts, with people. My challenge if you are reading this is to make an effort to stop right now, get offline, and go outside and talk face to face with someone and relate to them in the most personal way face to face.

Be Christ with skin on before you decide to be Christ in html.


As many of you know I am a new dad. As many of you know I am a Youth Pastor. As many of you do not know I currently am suffering the worst case of conjunctivitis (aka 'pink eye') in the history of oozing-eye, crustyness I have ever experienced. As many of you further may or may not know as a new dad, whose wife has to work at night while I stay home with the little one.

This new twist in our schedule has caused me to seekout new ways to increase my productivity and become better at managing my time better for life and ministry. In this effort to become more productive I have come across some resources I would like to share with you in hopes that some of you, if not all of you, will find some of these resources, if not all of them, more usefull to you in your own attempts to GTD.

GTD means 'get things done' so on that note I hope these help:

My Backpack or Backpackit
This is an online attempt help you get organized. Keep your to do lists, agendas, notes, ideas, and schedule online. Accessible anytime, anywhere you can access the internet.

43 Folders
A simple blog about personal productivity, life hacks, and simple ways to make your life a little better.

Church Software N-Spire
If you are in church work this software, in my humble opinion, is the easiest, most user friendly, membership database and tracking software out on the market. Some might consider it pricey for the size of your church but it is an investment well worth it. Track not just members but visitor/attender presence, small groups, single event registry, one-on-one discipleship, mentoring or counseling sessions, track payments, member assimilation, etc.
an easy way to catalog and track your personal library for MAC users. See below for PC version called lib.rario.us

D*I*Y Planner Paper, productivity & passion
A community of people who see the value of paper as a medium for planning, productivity, creative expression, and exploring ideas.

EverNote(tm) makes it easy to store, manage and access typed and handwritten notes, memos, webpage excerpts, emails, phone messages, addresses, passwords, brainstorms, sketches, protect personal information and create bookmarks to documents.

Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos to your friends and family, or blog the photos you take with a cameraphone.

lib.rario.us - social media cataloging
PC useres easily, effectiently, and effectively catalog all your personal media in one easy to set up, easy to use online library. Create seperate libraries for books, music, dvds, games, and other media.

LibraryThing Catalog your books online
LibraryThing catalogs your books online, easily, quickly and for free (up to 200 books).

Daily digest and pointers on productivity, getting things done and lifehacks.

Computers make us more productive. Yeah, right. Lifehacker recommends the software downloads and web sites that actually save time. Don't live to geek; geek to live.

Less time on tasks... more time with people!

Stock photography community - browse our huge gallery for high quality stock photos or share yours with others.

Stay productive, get more done, spend more time with the priorities in your life.

On Being a Dad : 01.22.07

King of the World
Current mood: pink-eyed and gunkified
Category: School, College, Greek

I just have to say that when my 5 month old son, Eli, looks at me and smiles. I want to yell at the top of my lungs "I AM KING OF THE WORLD." That is how great I feel when he does something as simple yet as grand as: smiling at his dad. It is the feeling of kings, of champions, of mighty conquerors. Fatherhood is a challenge and only 5 monthes in I am sure it is only uphill from here. Beyond the challenge though it is a true blessing. I can not describe to you the joy it brings me. In just 5 monthes it has taught me so much about loving my own dad better, being not just a better dad but also husband and person; and most of all about the Heavenly Fathers love for us to send his only Son as a sacrificial, substitutionary, atoning Savior for me and my sin soaked carcass.

Currently listening :
By Suburban Kids with Biblical Names
Release date: By 21 November, 2006

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Whose Top 50?

A new list of the 50 Most Influential Christians in America from ChurchReport.com.

Some of these people make the viens pop out on my skull that they would make the list but the survey is conducted through a magazine and online poll of their readers. Most have not influenced me personal other than to cause my blood pressure to rise when I hear of an idiotic statement they have made repeated in the media.

Here are the ones whose books, thoughts, creativity and/or preaching have influenced my faith and thought in 2007:

My Rankings with reference to the articles ranking in parenthesis:
1. Erwin MacManus (12)
2. John Piper (9)
3. Rob Bell (10)
4. Andy Stanley (20)
5. Leonard Sweet (8)
6. George Barna (38)
7. Ed Young, Jr. (26)
8. Phil Vischar/Bob the Tomato (46)

Not mentioned on the list but on my list are:
1. Mark Driscoll
2. Donald Miller
3. Rick McKinley
4. Timothy Keller
5. David Wells
6. Ed Stetzer
7. Matt Chandler

American Evangelical Christianity is in serious trouble when Joel Osteen and Billy Graham are one and two respectively. They do not even preach the same gospel.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Quote to Ponder.

“It is better to think of church in the ale-house than to think of the ale-house in church.” - Martin Luther

Please Discuss.