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Monday, January 22, 2007

Best Podcasts of 2006

Mars Hill Seattle - Mark Driscoll
Sermons in both pod and vod format, new music feed, even special events held at the church like their 'film and theology' series and 'practical theology for women' series

The Resurgence
The conference arm of Mars Hill Seattle, with great preaching/teaching by Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, Ed Stetzer and others. Think Reformed Theology, Think Missional, Think I Should Go Listen Right Now.

Acts 29 Church Planting Network
Church Planting messages by Mark Driscoll and his network from the Bootcamp and other trianing events. Sound reformed, missional theology, church planting wisdom and advice, training and preparedness.

Catalyst Conference
The leadership filter for what's next in the church! (their own words, not mine)

Mars Hill Grand Rapids - Rob Bell
Rob Bell, controversial in some circles, inspiring in others, definitely thought provoking and sometimes awe inspiring. Certainly a different take on things than what I am used to.

The Village - Matt Chandler
Matt Chandler, exile from the Left Coast now pastoring a Bible Belt church in Dallas, Texas, what some might call "the Buckle" of said belt. A Prophetic Voice in a Religious, but not necessarily Christian culture.

Mosaic - Erwin McManus
Church Re:planter. Labored a long time as the Pastor of the famous L.A. Church on Brady before seeing it transition into the missional, creative epi-center for churches reaching artistic, creative postmoderns now known as Mosaic. Check out his fresh perspective on Scripture.

Imago Dei - Rick McKinley
How would you like to be known as Donald Miller's (Blue Like Jazz author) pastor? Well listen to Rick's solid Biblical preaching, hear his heart for his community, feel his passion for the Kingdom of God and soon he will be one of your favorite pastors.


Strong Bad Email
If you don't know about Homestar Runner and his ineptly evil nemesis Strongbad then crawl out from under that rock and be prepared to laugh. You may need to check out the site and watch several early episodes and browse the different areas to figure out all the characters and backgrounds but this is what Saturday morning cartoons could and should be for a more grown up crowd. Don't worry its clean, I didn't mean that grown up.

Hope is Emo
Some won't get this satirical look at the millenial emo kid hipster scene. Working with students for 14 years I can guarantee you there are kids out there on the verge of being this mellodramatic. The reality is almost too real to be funny but if any of what I have said so far half -way resonates with you check this videos out.

Paste Culture Club
Great music and interviews and discussion from the guys at Paste Magazine. Go now if you want to find the newest and bestest(!) music and film outside the top 40 hooey (the technical music term). Go and be prepared to learn of great new bands, be transformed into a rock snob, and impress all your friends with your new scenester status.

The Skit Guys
If you don't know the skit guys I will just say they are the best thing to happen to church drama since Luther put a nail and a piece of paper on a certian door in Wittenburg. Speaking of the Wittenburg Door check it out too. Christianities only satirical magazine for over 30 years!
In fact for a really great introduction to the Skit Guys check them on YouTube here.

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