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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Whose Top 50?

A new list of the 50 Most Influential Christians in America from ChurchReport.com.

Some of these people make the viens pop out on my skull that they would make the list but the survey is conducted through a magazine and online poll of their readers. Most have not influenced me personal other than to cause my blood pressure to rise when I hear of an idiotic statement they have made repeated in the media.

Here are the ones whose books, thoughts, creativity and/or preaching have influenced my faith and thought in 2007:

My Rankings with reference to the articles ranking in parenthesis:
1. Erwin MacManus (12)
2. John Piper (9)
3. Rob Bell (10)
4. Andy Stanley (20)
5. Leonard Sweet (8)
6. George Barna (38)
7. Ed Young, Jr. (26)
8. Phil Vischar/Bob the Tomato (46)

Not mentioned on the list but on my list are:
1. Mark Driscoll
2. Donald Miller
3. Rick McKinley
4. Timothy Keller
5. David Wells
6. Ed Stetzer
7. Matt Chandler

American Evangelical Christianity is in serious trouble when Joel Osteen and Billy Graham are one and two respectively. They do not even preach the same gospel.

1 comment:

frostburgpreacher said...

Hey McMinn

I like the list but wondered why I didn't make the second list?

Hey I am Going to Rob Bell's conference "Isn't she Beautiful" next week. I am really looking forward to it.

I will be in Texas for the Creative Conference at Fellowship with Ed Jr Mark Driscoll and the Bishop TD Jakes (sigh).

I will give you a shout when we (the fam) get into town on Monday Feb 19th. We will be there till Sat the 24th. The conference is Thurs and Fri