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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Church Planting Mindsets and Movements

Bob Roberts pastor of Northwood Church has been someone I have followed ever since the esteemed Roy Fish, Professor of Evangelism, at SWBTS invited him into class as his only guest lecturer. Any Bob has a great blog entry on Small Units and Multiplication. Don't think small churches only small minds.

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frostburgpreacher said...

I was in a meeting with Bob Roberts and Church Planters in the state I used to live and he impressed me so much. He is more interested in planting churches (growing the kingdom) than growing his church (growing his kingdom). He said in one conversation, "I know our church could have more in attendance if we would build a larger sanctuary, but if we did that we would not be able to plant the churches we want to plant this year."

We need more thinkers like him in SBC life!!!! By the way, David Phillips who he mentions in the article, is a friend of mine in Delaware.