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Monday, January 29, 2007

Church Planting

I have been thinking and reading alot about church planting and these are some of my friends who are church planters. I would like you to pray for them, their families, their young churches, their ministries and also pray and ask God what your role in church planting is. Are you to plant? Support a plant finincially? Pray for a church plant? Maybe join a core group of laypeople as part of a church plant?

Click on the church name to see their website.
Where possible you can click on the pastors name to view their blog also.

The Apostles Church -- Manhattan, NYC, NY -- JR Vassar

Gateway Fellowship -- Royse City, TX -- Trent Brown

Hope Valley Community Church -- Green Valley Ranch, CO -- Korey Buchanek

The Journey -- Lubbock, TX -- Jason Bishop

Keystone Church -- Keller, TX -- Brandon Thomas

Watermark Church -- Boerne, TX -- Jason Brown

The Heights Fellowship -- Lubbock, TX -- Mike Martindale


Benjamin said...

Your blog is blogilicious! Give me more, more, I say!

GUNNY said...

Although I had a bit of a jump-start, church planting is, as George Bush would say, "Hard. It's hard. It's hard work."

I have a much greater appreciation for it and appreciate you drawing our attention to the great task at hand, particularly how we might all be involved.

Unfortunately, lots of folks are pro-church planting in theory, but in reality they're worried about their turf being jeopardized.

Bad bull.

P.S. Our church would appreciate any and all prayer action as well. Danke!