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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good Reading from Around the Web this Week

Who really cares? Who is more giving of time, money, energy?
Check out this Christianity today article to learn the truth about Compassionate Conservatives.

Pocket Guide to New Testament Theology
Free online book by Biblical scholar I. Howard Marshall

5 Streams of the Emerging Church
A great article for those trying to get a grasp on what the Emerging Church is all about. I believe this is one of the more balanced articles I have read on the issue.

The Bible Called Me Stupid
A great little blog about being the kind of person that can take loving correction even though it may not be easy to receive.

Prof. Scot McKnight discusses some forms of legalism this blog thread for a great discussion of Pharisees and Zealotry. The first link is to the older posts and the second and the second is the most recent article in the series.

Ned Flanders and Me (from Matt Chandlers blog, Pastor of The Village Church in Dallas)
This is older, from before Christmas I believe but it hit me with a dose of personal conviction so I thought some of you out there around my age and in ministry might benefit from a good kick in the pants too.

And in news so bizarre it has to be shared. Cruise is 'Christ of Scientology' and T.O. Blames Tuna
and most importantly we may finally know who really invented the Hamburger.

Hope all is well.

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