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Monday, January 22, 2007

Guilt in Blogdom

As I puruse blogs of friends and family and influencers I have come to the realization that some might be much more purposeful in their efforts. Some seem downright so busy with their blog that I often find myself wondering if they have any time for other things like: life, love, family, dinner, or a relationship with God. Other times I find myself feeling guilty that I am not as profound or prolific or poetic as others. I feel guilty that they seem to be evangelizing the multitudes of cyberspace and I seem to be doing something more akin to, ahem, "writing my name in the snow.'

I have come to realize really that this comes out of who I am and does not call into question my personal devotion to Christ or sharing the gospel. I believe the gospel is for everyone. I believe I am called to preach and teach the gospel, to live it and share it with my fellow man, I just don't think cyberspace really sees this effectively take place. I am sure some of my friends in bloggerville will disagree and if they do they will most certainly write, er, I mean, blog about it.

Personally I believe the gospel is relational, verbal, incarnational, personal and communal. I know anyone can make a case that blogs and internet interaction can be used of God and blessed by Him to move through the power of the Holy Spirit to engage people and awaken them spiritually to respond to the Truth. I, however, would rather spend less time typing into a computer, er, blogging, my thoughts and convictions on the gospel and get out side with people, in person, in bars, in coffee houses, at sonic drive-ins, on the frisbee golf couse or basketball courts, with people. My challenge if you are reading this is to make an effort to stop right now, get offline, and go outside and talk face to face with someone and relate to them in the most personal way face to face.

Be Christ with skin on before you decide to be Christ in html.

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