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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fat Guys in a little suit (sorta)

Hey I found this on my computer and had forgotten all about it. It was after one of the greatest 5th quarters of all time. We had over 100 students show up to wrassle and joust, play games and watch videos in the Attic, and eat tons and tons of horribly-bad-for-you food. At the end of the night when everything was wrapping up our pastor and our mission team leader decided to try their hand at the Sumo Suits. So now here it is submitted for your viewing pleasure.

Untitled from michael mcminn on Vimeo.

PS. I posted this on a cool new site called Vimeo, I like it much better than youtube or any other video posting site I have found so far. Go Check it out if you have your own personal videos to post.

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