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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grammatically Correct, Still Politically Incorrect

My wife is a darn fine English teacher and has a beautiful singing voice. Since you can not hear her on this blog the later gift will have to wait for a later date to be showcased. Maybe once I take the time to set up an audioblog account we will remedy that situation as well. Which leads me to ask the question, "Has anyone ever been signed to a record deal after being heard on a blog?"

Instead I put her highly underrated grammatical skills to the test. I had her proofread all my earlier posts (as I should have done long ago) and touch up my grammer mistakes and too-late-at-night-to-be-up typos. So if there are any previous posts that you were unable to get through because of your disgust with my erreverance for the English language now you can go back in time to finish a good read now made better (i.e. flawless) Which leads me to the question, "Has anyone ever been hired as an editor because of their work as a blog editor?"

Barbara Walters, "So would you like to tell us for the record how you came to be the editor-in-chief of the U.S. News and World Report from such humble beginnings?"

"Well, I had been editing my husbands blog over the course of a couple of monthes, and we got a call from...."

And the interview goes from there until Barbara gets to the point in every interview special where she breaks the person down, seeking her end result which is to always reduce the interviewee to a whimpering, shivering, sniffling, moist cheeked mess.

Way to go Mrs. Walters, bravo, you have done it yet again.

(Publishers note: This particular post has not been edited at time of said posting. The publisher hopes he is not sleeping on the couch later because of said publishers haste in posting. Would that be what is known as "post haste"?)

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Anonymous said...

months is spelled without an "e" mullet brain,
the English teacher