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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Matirx is Real: Baby McMinn Enters the Matrix

Oh yeah, here is a pic that I said looked like the baby was entering the Matrix. Really it is when the doc set the lazers to stun, er I mean, she said "Beam me up Scotty?" Uh, hold on.

"Bec, What is this one pic again?" I yell into the house.

Oh yeah, sorry about that, this is when she was checking the heart rate. If you look over to the right you will see the heart beat was at 158. Good and strong.

I still like to pretend its the Matrix though. I doubt Bec will go for names like Neo or Morpheus, maybe she will go for Tank or Dozer though!

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David Peacock said...

Mike.... wow, i think I can actually make out the face. I tried to do that with one of our pics and the doc said it was a liver. I was glas though because that would have made two faces.

Pretty amazing... Psalm 139 comes to life!