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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

56 Days

I have not blogged in a while and here is part of the reason why:

A few months ago we lost our internet connection at the church office. Literally we went to lunch, and when we returned we could not connect to the internet. This happened on occasion and while an inconvenience it was not an immediate problem. However the next day the connection still had not returned and we decided it was time to call our internet provider. A local guy with one name like Cher or Bono, which should have been a clue in-and-of-itself. So we called Spirit who informed us he had gone out of business and taken down his equipment Wednesday around noon. THANKS for the advanced warning!

Anyway 56 days later we are back on line and now once again have high speed internet, via radio waves here at the church again. I never realized just how dependent I had become and used the time to reflect on that fact. I would be sitting at my desk and for the first two weeks it seemed like I would turn to "look something up", email someone, etc, about 20 times an hour.

56 days later I can once again blog, google something or someone, communicate through email, IMDB something or someone (who was that guy that played in that movie?) download and though it was nice to take a break from constant internet activity, total abstinence is not for me.

Of course I have internet at home but I tend to do the bulk of my internet usage at the office. At home I used it to check email, download music, update my ipod and podcasts, and watch some missed episodes of Scrubs. For the most part I want home to be a place where I spend time with my family, a place where I don't work on work, a place where I play with the dog, watch Eli as he is growing up making new daily discoveries like learning to clap, and learning to "Hulk Out" as we have come to call it.

56 days later I am back checking my google reader and my myspace and creating a facebook account. I can not believe I survived and while it set me back some in planning and preparation it was nice to take a break. It is equally nice to be back.

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