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Monday, April 23, 2007

Sun Sings Praise to God 2

My good friend Dave Samples posted a good question and one that I thinks deserves a good answer here on the blog for all to read. Dave commented on post 1 of this issue "hmmmm....but is it contemporary or traditional?

I think this question is answered in God's own design plans for the sun that we can observe in our solar system. The scientists reporting on the study say that the sound waves work in the same way guitar strings and standing pipe organs work. So God in His divine sovereignty and foreknowledge has settled the 'worship wars' before the foundations of the world. God created the sun to worship Him in such a way that it sounds like guitar and pipe organ. He apparently likes both! Who knew? Now we know.

All can rest easy knowing Builders that want organ pipes bellowing out the dirges of the hymnal are on the same footing as us pesky Busters that prefer our melodies to be plucked rather than plinked, strummed rather than stroked. Boomers get the best of both worlds (I guess) with their preference for synthesizers that can imitate the sounds of both instruments on ditties like "Jehovah Jira My Provider" and "I will enter His gates." Now I need to find a cosmological justification for two turntables and a microphone.

All that remains to be answered now is "What sound waves seem to be emanating from Uranus?"


Dave Samples said...

Well answered, my friend...

the rabbi said...

When I read the last sentence, I almost spit my sweet tea all over my Mac! Hilarious!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow... i had sweet tea in my mouth as i read the last sentence, too! my tea almost ended up on my hp and 6 month old daughter!