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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer lovin, havin' a blast!

Well ministry in the summer for a youth pastor is always crazy busy but when I realized I had not contributed to my blog in over a month I was aghast. I think I was aghast anyway, I am not sure what that means really.

While I do hope to return to some more regularity in my postings I know the summer is still activity laden and its prime time to hang with students outside rather than peck away at a dimly lit keyboard inside.

This summer has already brought great highs and lows in ministry. Here are some highlights:

At VBS, where I lead the closing ceremonies each night and presented the gospel on Thursday night we saw around 25 children saved by grace and acknowledge Jesus as leader and friend; two teenagers as well.

Immediately after VBS we set sail for Colorado, Woodland Park to be exact, for youth camp. Where we suffered in temperatures fluctuating between the high 30's at night and low 70's during the day. We saw students experience regeneration while others experienced restoration and healing. I am so proud of what God the Father did in the life of his children at Quaker Ridge. And I am amazed and broken more than ever at what teenagers are going through and what burdens they are often carrying alone attempting to deal with and live with.

On top of that I got to preach on Fathers Day while our pastor was on vacation. It was awesome as I was delirious with sleep deprivation from camp and the drive back from Colorado. But it was also perfect since it was my first Fathers Day as a father. I had the perfect sermon seeing as how I am the perfect dad and Eli at 10 months is still the perfect son.

On top of that I faced one of the most difficult crisis' and hurts of my whole entire ministry career. While some things are easier to deal with than others I believe restoration, protection, healing and forgiveness will be the outcome of what otherwise could have caused great devastation of lives for some. Of course I will not go into detail here but personally my wife and I experienced: hurt, betrayal, embarrassment, bewilderment, despair, stress, and frustration, among other things. No one ever really sees the consequences of their actions on everyone else until it is much too late.

We had a work day at church like no other. You may know how every church that has been around awhile seems to collect church members stuff that they can't get rid of any other way. Somehow it ends up at the church. We cleaned out at least 4 packed rooms of just 30 years or more of accumulated junk. We finished a major component in the remodeling of our student ministry area. We cleaned, we hammered and we ate pizza and it was the most fun I have had doing manual labor with friends in a very long time.

Eli is growing like a weed. Like a weed that weighs like a 25lb sack of 'taters. He is crawling all over the house faster than a jack rabbit on acid. He pulls up and walks his way up down any furniture in the house that has sharp edges, glass doors, hard pointy corners or handles. He yells to drown out any other possible noise that might be in 5 block radius. He poops in such a way that all bugs and small varmints in the vicinity are temporarily stunned into unconsciousness. He loves the bath more than life itself and at this point seems to be leaning towards a career in either piracy or marine biology.

It is nearly July in Texas and I can't think of a day without rain so far this summer. My yard looks like the Serengeti plain (with out the Zebras or is it Zebri?) Our 3 year old Schnauzer Sammey is afraid of the rain and is apparently on a peep and poo strike until further notice. She absolutely refuses to go outside in the rain but is at least being a sport about it and is not doing her business inside either. It is only a matter of hours before her eyes pop out of her head, her kidneys and bowels explode and we loose our security deposit on our house forever.

It has nearly rained out every outdoor student ministry event on the summer calendar thus far. The rain seems to have no end in sight either. And first and foremost I have truly become convinced weathermen/meteorologists are lying through their teeth each and every time some one points a camera toward them. They have absolutely NO freakin' idea of what the weather is going to do more than a few hours at most before it does it.

Still ahead, Mexico Mission trip, plans for Russia and/or Spain, a boatload of $10 Tuesdays, Wednesday night messages, Lake days, movies, dirty diapers and late night typing sessions to rant and rave about all that goes on in around my tiny little brian.

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