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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lust Control

My friend that Rabbi posted today on Fighting Lust with some links to the Irish Calvinist and a great resource from John Piper. I will direct you there for the serious side of the discussion and some valuable tools he has already listed. But it did remind me of an infamous underground Christian punk band with secret identities, ski masks, and a penchant for the taboo. Luckily the church has come along way since the days of Lust Control and now discussions about sexuality and sex are handled openly and biblically. (in most cases) Thanks in part to this new attitude the identities of the group are no longer a secret either. In fact to my surprise they even have a myspace though they no longer perform or record.

One of their most memorable songs was "The Big M." I'll give you one guess what that one is about. Check out their music and check out the Rabbi's thoughts on the subject.

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