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Monday, November 10, 2008

I want to go to Heaven...

This line has been around for awhile at least...but it reoccurred recently while listening to the new disc by The Streets 'Everything is Borrowed.' The song title is 'Heaven for the Weather' and the whole line is:
"I wanna go to heaven for the weather, hell for the company"

Now there are all kinds of folks with similar sentiments to this lyric.  What do you think is the missional response to someone that feels this way. To be honest I am a Christian and I feel this way sometimes in that I would much rather be around unchurched people than "church people". I would rather be around the irreligious than the religious.

Missionally speaking we are called to represent the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. How do we do it in such away that draws people towards it rather than drives them away?

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