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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Twitter Funnies: Humorous Tweets I Have Favorited

@timastevens Just finished blowing my for the third time since last night. 6:21 PM Jan 10th from TweetDeck
@timastevens Uh, typo. Insert word "driveway." Blowing my driveway. 6:21 PM Jan 10th from TweetDeck

@Fernihough i have a target on my face this week that reads "irritate me. please."

@hotdogsladies Oh, Google. You know I meant to type "Angus Young." Jeez, one dropped consonant, and now I have to go bleach my corneas for an hour.

@russware The glove compartment isn't accurately named And everybody knows it

@NotHenryRollins My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud

@DougFields At no point during my years in seminary was I ever prepared to negotiate arguments with facility staff over the price we charge for coffee.

@tomcottar instead of McCain or Obama...vote Optimus Prime.

@mhenslee Watching Wade Philips mumble...umm mmm we stunk ummm romo choked hmm mmm we're overated ummm hmmm I wanna coach oakland mmm umm hmm.

@dooce The server at Chili's brought me four mugs of Diet Coke, and I was so happy about this that for a second I finally understood Sarah Palin.

@claytonchancy How fun would life be if you could tickle yourself?

@mattmcgill New song SCREAM by chris cornell ought to be called princess, bubble gum, ponies.

@mhenslee I'd thank @officialpeta for following me here on twitter...but it will have to be after I finish this double-bacon-cheeseburger.

@larryboatright just spilled a dr pepper on my crotch 12:34 PM Sep 17th, 2008 from Hahlo
@larryboatright no people, I did not poop my pants. It's dr pepper, isn't it obvious?? 1:16 PM Sep 17th, 2008 from Hahlo
@larryboatright I bumped Kevin and made him spill his coffee on his MacBook pro. I am a goon. Pray it still works 4:27 PM Sep 17th, 2008 from Hahlo
@larryboatright kevin's laptop has gone to be with the Lord.7:15 PM Sep 17th, 2008 from Hahlo
@thekevincouch Larry killed my laptop with my first love.......coffee 9:00 PM Sep 17th, 2008 from Twittelator

Larry had previously spilled water and Dr. Pepper on his crotch 2 other times but unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to start "favoriting" the trend back then.

[This post originated as a response to: This blog entry The Funniest Tweets I've Seen on Twitter--So Far]

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OutsideMyBrain said...


I wanted to thank you for stopping by and adding these Tweets to the comments section of my post and for linking back to my post as well.

I'm getting ready for my second edition. I'm going to highlight a few of these and send people here if they want to see your whole list.

Thanks again,