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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Remembering Spain

Slideshow of Madrid & Paris last Summer (Redux)
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Last summer I went to Madrid, Spain (with a sweet layover in Paris on the return flight home.) I took these pics (and others). The reason for the trip was to do some M work for the man upstairs. We have to talk in code hear because of the followers of a phalse prophet known to inspire acts of suicide and aggression among his phollowers. Any way we passed out videos to his followers discussing the son of the man upstairs and his life on this earth. We also passed out bottled water because Madrid was in the worst drought in many years and water was a valuable and appreciated commodity. J, the son of the man upstairs, was able to open up some conversation avenues amongst these people through our sharing of water and the boigraphical dvd we hand out all week.

I loved riding on the metro. I wish everywhere in America had such good public transpo. I loved trying new things, eating new phoods, and meeting new phriends. Most of all I loved seeing the Truth, Himselph, take hold of peoples hearts and minds. Especially among people that we might generally write off as having no hope of that ever happening. I want to go back right now. Since that is not going to happen I wanted to repost these pics and and remember the experience and share it with some who maybe were not around last summer to hear about it.

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