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Saturday, December 23, 2006


When Eli was born I posted these daily blogs on myspace but never got around to adding them here and I wanted to share them with you now.

Monday, August 21, 2006

On Being a Dad: 08.21.06
Current mood: Expectant
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Word for the Day: Expectant!

Monday was a day of expectancy and hope. It turned into just a long day at the hospital. Little Eli would not come until the next day. It was tough on Becky going through the process of getting her body ready for labor using a drug called Cervadil (don't quote on the spelling--I am not a doctor, I just play one on TV).

Our day was supposed to start at 3:30 AM when our alarm was set to go off so we could get up, and ready, and to the hospital by 5AM. GAW! Anyhoo, Sammey our 2 year old Schnauzer decided to wake us up at 3 AM sharp instead. Robbing us of a precious 30 minutes that would be all the more needed once the baby arrives.

So we got to the hospital at 5AM and began a long 12 hour process of that would take all the way into Tuesday morning at 4:45 AM when they finally began to give Bec Patosin (again I am no doc) which is the drug that actually induces labor. But that is Tuesday.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On Being a Dad: 08.22.06
Current mood: Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.
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Word for the Day: Elated!


Aidan Elijah Landry McMinn

He goes by 'Eli'

Born Tuesday August 22, 2006, at 9:32 AM.

Weight: 7lbs 14oz

Length: 20"

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

On Being a Dad: 08.23.06
Current mood: sleepy tiredyness
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Word for the Day: Tired!

Tired. With entering the labor and delivery room at 5AM on Monday and not actually delivering the little guy until 9:32

AM the next day it made for a long, drawn out yet wonderful ordeal. Becky is literally completely exhausted by the time Eli got here. Now with the addition of a feeding schedule bringing the little guy in every three hours or so we are both 'beyond' exhaustion. I don't know what you call this. Sleep deprivation just doesn't seem strong enough of a term.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

On Being a Dad: 08.24.06
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Word for the Day: Kodak

As a new father one question I have pondered is: How many sleeping baby pictures does one need?

The answer: infinitesimal. or is it infantesimal?

Anyway with a digital camera with a 2 gig memory stick I can hold approximately 1800 pix. He is 3 days old and the stick is half full.

I think that spells proud papa!

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He is a hairy little sucker isn't he?

Friday, August 25, 2006

On Being a Dad: 08:25.06
Current mood: Overwhelmed & Underprepared
Category: News and Politics

Word for the Day: HOME

We got home from the hospital Thursday night around 7:30 PM after arriving at the hospital 4 days earlier at 5AM. Man it feels good to be home. To bring this little guy home with us is so overwhelming and awesome. We love him so much it is amazing to think he is 3 days old and he has captured my heart like no one else. I just stare at him, kiss him, stroke his thick head of hair, touch his soft skin.

He is a gift from God along time in coming but he is so perfect. I can not, after knowing him only 3 days, describe the depth of my love for him. Yet something strikes me as more amazing than his little awesome presence in my life. God loves him more than I do. On top of that, God sent His very own, only son, to knowingly die for me, to knowingly die for Aidan. Simply to restore a broken relationship. A relationship I broke and a relationship (even as perfect and peaceful as he is at 3 days old) that Aidan will soon break in the coming years.

Aidan even now I want you to know that God loves you and stronger than our relationship, the Creator of the Universe has a desire to have a relationship with you one day. Since before you were born your mom and I have been praying that you will one day come to renew this relationship with God through Jesus. Isaiah 43:1 say "Aidan I have called you by name and you are mine."

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The Radical Reformission: Reaching Out without Selling Out
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Saturday, August 26, 2006

On Being a Dad: 08:26.06
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Category: Life

Word for the Day: Hero

Seriously what I am about to say is not sentimentality or sappy romantic pandering. After seeing what my wife went through in the delivery room to bring our son into the world she is now and will always be my biggest hero. You always hear what labor is like and even accidentally catch a glimpse of it on NOVA on PBS when flipping channels late at night--at which point you quickly avert your eyes and think out loud "Oh my God, what was that? Why would they show that on TV?"

Until you are there, present in that room, with personal knowledge of the woman going through it, you have no earthly idea what it is like. Even now nearly 4 days after the delivery her body is still paying the price in so many ways. I will spare you the detials but exhaustion, pain, soarness, inflammation, and the added effects of beginning the process of breastfeeding seems excrutiating beyond what you already know of childbirth itself. I want a dose or two of morphine just thinking about it right now. And everytime she agonizes over an ache or pain I am that much more grateful, fall that much more deeply and madly in love with her for her huge role in bringing Eli here after carrying him for 9 monthes on top of everything else.

Becky you really are my hero.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

On Being a Dad: 08.27.06

What's in A Name?

Well many of you have noticed that our little sport has a big name to carry for such a small bundle. And you may (or may not) be curious as to what the heck led us to such a protracted appellative (long name--for those with a FWISD education such as myself).

Well names have always been important to me. Beginning with my own. McMinn the family name has always been a source of pride and a name that I have wanted to honor. I have tried to live my life so as not to make the name McMinn infamous or bring disrespect to those who have carried before me. Not that the name denotes nobility or a long noteworthy heritage. In fact part of my fathers goal (unspoken) and now my own goal is to in fact bring some redemption to the family name that has, maybe, not in the last few generations been estimable in the eyes of many, especially God.

They say that an ungodly heritage will bring judgment on the generations of a family for upwards of 10 generations. You can see this evident today as you look at so many families, sons and daughters, who as much as they hate the way their family raised them and swear never to repeat the same patterns inevitably end up doing that very thing. It is also said that a godly family heritage, especially coming from the leadership of the father, can bring Gods blessing on the following 10 generations. That is how much more powerful a godly legacy is and I think also shows God's grace to allow us to see that an ungodly heritage can be quickly reversed and set right while a Godly heritage is not so easily undone. Thus for the name McMinn I hold the responsibility seriously to create a long-lasting legacy for the preceeding generations of McMinn's. [No added pressure since I am the only son on my fathers side of the family right?]

McMinn is Irish. I am proud of that heritage and legacy as well, as seen in my avid support of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football, the music of U2, the potato, and Irish Spring soap (Lucky Charms, not so much). Seriously, watch Braveheart again and pay close attention to the character Stephen, the wild Irishman and tell me he doesn't steal the show. Remember his great line, "The Almighty says this must be a fashionable fight. It's drawn the finest people." More on the Irish in a later blog perhaps.

As for my first name, Michael, maybe I am just a bit anal but I have always been offended a skosh when I introduce myself as Michael and people automatically call me Mike from then on out. Now, that being said many of my closest and dearest friends call me Mike and it does not bother me in the least. However, they have earned the right to reference me more casually and as with friends we all have nicknames and less formal ways of referencing each other. Maybe I am just cranky but even as a kid I remember often thinking "My parents named me Michael for a reason and I don't think it was so you could call me Mike, you bozo." Are you really just too lazy to pronounce that extra sylabil?

My middle name Lee is the same as my dad's middle name. Just a personal attachment linking me to my father in more than the formal aspect of the last name. For whatever reason I take this name business fairly serious as you can see. Perhaps you find yourself thinking I just wanted to know what the kids name means 'Mike'! I did not expect to read a disertaion on the subject of monikers. And to you my good friends I say wait for part two which will be shorter and should follow this afternoon after a quick bite and a nap. Those who have had the pleasure of a newborn in the house will relate best and appreciate this allowance of time.

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On Being a Dad: 08.27.06 (b)
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What's in A Name? (part duex)

Aidan is Irish for fire or fiery. (Some say we may be asking for it by naming a kid fiery!)

Elijah means The Lord is My God. He was an old testmant prophet that saw God reign down fire from heaven to destroy the prophets of Baal. And one of two mean in scripture to never die. God took him to heaven in fiery chariot drawn by equally as fiery horses. His protege Elisha is just left standing there holding Elijah's coat. (More with the fiery!)

Landry is for Coach Tom Landry of the Dallas Cowboys. Becky and I are huge fans on the Cowboys since childhood. Through thick and thin, win or loose, we support the Blue and Silver. However, the name Landry is important for its sports connotation but we chose it because of Tom Landry's strong Christian character. He served God faithfully and was a devoted follower of Christ and his faith showed up in the character and intergrity of his whole life. That is the legacy that we want for our son. And if he plays sports all the better! Imagine hearing that name called out on draft day and then draft analysts pointing out "Ya know he was named after Hall of Fame coach of the Dallas Cowboys Tom Landry."

So that is what's in a name. Oh and by the way we call him Eli for short. That is short for Elijah for those of you that work at Dunder-Mifflin.

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Becky back in the hospital, so we celebrated Eli's one week birthday at WNJ. Becky spent about 2 full weeks in the hospital when it was all said and done. Eli is healthy as can be and if one of them had to get the worst of it Becky was happy it as her and not him. I am just glad to have them both home now and share all this with you now!

And as an added bonus it is great to have friends, family, and even kids from our student ministry be there for support.

Here are some of our students that stopped by expecting to meet Eli but he had not arrived yet.

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