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Monday, March 31, 2008

Pray for Juarez, Mexico

Just minutes ago I got incredibly sad and disturbing phone call. The call was to inform me that our annual summer mission trip to Juarez, Mexico has been canceled. I thought it was a joke or mistake until the news over the phone sank in and I realized they were serious. Drug Cartel violence has broken out in Juarez and the article I just read says as many as 30 people were murdered on Easter weekend alone. Please pray for the city, people, and churches of Juarez.

In the relationship our church has established with the city of 6 million across the border from El Paso, TX we have helped a thriving church planting movement that has been a blessing and encouragement to me every time I have gone over. We generally go once during the Christmas break and again during the summer. We know many churches and pastors in Juarez and I would ask you to pray for them during this time.

Pray for all the citizens of Juarez.
Pray for any tourists that maybe trying to get out safely.
Pray for the pastors of Juarez and their congregations.
Pray for the city, state and Mexican national government officials.
Pray for the police and military.
Pray for the hearts and minds of the criminals.

Call me or email if you would like to know specific pastors and churches to pray for. It may be over protective but I don't want to expose any of them to become targets by listing them here for all to see.


aj said...

def will post this up. have it scheduled it hit tomorrow AM (readership is highest in the AM) and i would want as many people reading/praying for this...thanks for the link :)

Melinda said...

I was alerted of this through Anne Jackson. Our prayer team will be praying for this request, from Beaverton, OR.

Joni Ruhs said...

Found you through Anne Jackson. I'm so sorry. Certainly praying in Aurora, IL. Most shocking to me in that article was the police force resigning and the police chief seeking asylum in the U.S. I can't imagine how helpless the citizens feel. Hopefully the church can bring some sort of comfort.

GODrums said...

wow....sad.....I will pray....and post so my 3 (and one of them doesn't read anne jackson) can forward on the message.