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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Video Clips for Messages

I am always looking for video clips to use in our Wednesday night outreach service or occasionally to use as an illustration for out Sunday School program or to go along with a small group lesson. I thought I would share some sources that have repeatedly served up some quality videos that you can use or, if you have the capabilities, choose to make your own version.

First lets begin with some channels on Youtube:
Watermark Church (Dallas) Creators of the forever memorable Offering Linebacker, but for impact I truly LOVE their Signs video.

Watermark Student Ministry which hosts over 70 videos
my personal favorites include Wake Up Clown and Passionately Ninja and the Lettuce Commercial series (spoofed off of the SNL Digital Short)

I originally found these two GENIUS GEMS on the Gateway Church Student Ministry vodcast, but that since has disappeared from Itunes so I found them on Youtube...if you haven't you must see and use these two nuggets of audio/visual AWESOMENESS.
David and Goliath
Noah Builds an Ark

I showed this over a year ago and I have at least one student per Wednesday, usually more, beg, seriously beg (in the sniveling, groveling, grabbing of my pants leg sense of the word) to see this each and every week its a hit:
Hotel, Hotel from none other than the PDYM guys.

and also from them produced for the PDWorshipConference, Filled with the Spirit

For some very odd reason the Skit Guys do not have their own YouTube channel but they have some great clips posted there if you search them. But you can go here to see the guy who has produced several videos for them, which includes The Workplace series, and others. Including this one I had never seen before, No Code Baby, spoofing the Da Vince Code AND Vanilla Ice. Why didn't I know about this when it was relevant.

Another great source is Keypoint Church on Youtube, and if you search them on Itunes podcasts you can download even more.

Some videos are just plain scary like this Church Produced Crossdressing Video???

Sometimes you don't need a video to make a point, you just want something humorous and energetic to kick-off the night. So here are some other choices:
Freestyle Walking (at 4 minutes in there is a word you may find inappropriate, or search free style walking to find your own favorite version, or make your own.)
Rhett and Link's Channel
(including my favorites: Unicorn Rap, Cornhole Song, Don Imus Song, Facebook Song, Addicted to Lost Commercial, the list goes on)
Many of you know of Ask a Ninja but what about Hope is Emo, Part 7 could be my favorite, and the theme song is great, produced by the same peeps. You can also download HopeisEmo from Itunes podcasts.

Just for Fun:
the Minisode Network Channel takes your favorite old shows like Voltron, What's Happening?, and the Facts of Life and distills them into short 5 minute episodes.
And for fans of NPR and/or David Sedaris

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R said...

You are a crazy man... and you've only posted TWICE in 2008!

Great vidz... even if that's all you are posting lately... I especially loved the HOTEL, HOTEL from PDYM. It is magical...

Here is a video that I blogged about recently... http://www.terminalconfession.com/archives/208