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Thursday, January 15, 2009

THE BLOG: Re:Forming Re:Vamping Re:Designing Re:Thinking

I have been thinking a lot about the blog since Church Tech Camp: Dallas. I sat in some breakout sessions with John Saddington on Missional Blogging. John blogs here and here. John is on staff at Northpoint. One of the things John challenged me to do is to focus in on my passions and blog about those things. Also he challenged me to categorize those 2-3 passions into no more than 8 sub categories.

Here is what I am thinking:

3 Big Passions:
Missional Ministry

Categories I will try to stick to on the blog:
1. Missional Family
2. Missional Leadership
3. Missional Student Ministry
4. Social Media Technology as Missional Ministry
5. Music/Film as it helps connect people to the Heart of God
6. Pop Culture and Cultural Trends as Missional Endeavors
7. Humor (this was way to friggin' funny to not share with people)
8. Productivity

Please watch, critique, encourage, advise, as I continue to make changes.  Come back often comment, engage, interact, and befriend.  I hope to make a platform change, redesign, and relaunch in the very near future. 


tomcottar said...

dang it, mcminn. you know you're forcing the rest of us to reevaluate and clean house, too. ya?
re:form. re:vamp. re:load. re:create. re:doodoo.

tomcottar said...

oh....but i AM excited at what's coming...!