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Monday, February 05, 2007

Another C.S. Lewis Movie in the Works!

No not the next installment of the Chronicles series.

The Screwtape Letters is being made into a movie.

Read the CT article all about it.

I am looking forward to this already.


the rabbi said...

you forgot to put "turkey leg eater" under your title in your descriptions of yourself. maybe you could hyphenate it so's its 2 words and there'd be continuity. i knows yous a turkey leg eater cause i saws yous eatin on one at the state fair last year, right before you threw it up after you rode the cosmic himilaya ride...i seen you before, turkey boy!

Rev. said...

Should be an interesting flick. I plan on seeing that when it comes to the big screen. Also looking forward to seeing AMAZING GRACE, due out on 2/23/07.

SCRETAPE is being produced by Walden Media.... are they still on the AFA boycott list?!?

Blogadelic said...


Ha, I don't know who's on the boycott list. I tend to only boycott places that have either given me food poison, really bad gas, or discriminate agin' the Irish race.

Blogadelic said...


Turkey Leg Eater is three words that would not fit the motif!?