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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Embrace the Suck

That is military slang meaning "the situation is bad, but deal with it." Well this situation is bad but I don't want to deal with it. I have a friend, co-conspirator in ministry, and teacher who is suffering greatly with cancer. He has battled cancer for over 6 years and now has tumors in his brain, spine, and spinal fluid. I have never in my 32 years seen one persons health change so dramatically in literally one weeks time. As a minister I have been going over all the things I have thought to say to people when they have been in similar situtions. None of them are comforting. None of them are helpful. I know my presence was felt and hope that made a difference but I now see the futility in words at a time like this.

This is not a crisis of faith. I know God is in control. I know God is good. I know death is the consequnce of sin entering the human heart from the time of the Fall. I know everyone will face death and my friend Brick is even an example to me in this stage of his life. He can hardly speak, see, hear, or swollow but he still has his quick wit, sharp mind, fond memories, and nurturing spirit. He has impacted so many lives with his lifestyle of living out the Gospel in word and deed over the years. I hope you will pray for his wife and two daughters. Pray for our church family and his counseling clients.

This is a crisis in embracing the suck. It sucks that my friend is dying, it sucks that I can not do anything about it, and it sucks that I feel inadequate to help others through it.

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