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Saturday, February 24, 2007

TwentySomthings (or actually 18-34 year olds)

Lifeway recently conducted a study of Twentysomethings and here are their conclusion as I summarize below. Go here for the full article.

Twenty Something care about:
1. Connection: Community with other young adults is extremely important in their lives.
(73% of church members and 47% of non-affiliated)

2. Authentic Answers: They desire to participate in Bible study that minimizes finding pat answers in the exploration of Scripture.

3. Social Action: A high-ranking priority is the opportunity to meet the needs of others on a regular basis. (66% of church members, 47% of non-affiliated)

For some awesome articles on reaching TwentySomethings check out the resources at Church Planting Village. They have 24 incredible articles on reaching 20somethings. Also check out several good articles on the changing landscape of ministry as this new generation shapes the look of the church at the North American Mission Board website.

And check out Barna's research from last fall on Twentysomethings. (On a personal note, Barna's polls tend to include only the East and West Coast population to the exclusion of Middle America. But in actuality take every study with a grain of salt.)

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