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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Theological Manure

I know you have come to see my blog as a bastion of scholarship, deep deep spiritual encounters, and theological discourse but today I wanted to keep it light yet informative. Here are two videos from guys that unfortunately have infiltrated the world of Christianity and claim to be ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ when in fact they are to put it nicely "full of crap" and preach a different gospel. These men are charlatans, con-men, frauds, heretics and what-have-you. So please enjoy these video send ups of their bogus "ministries" and also consider yourself warned if for some reason you would ever find yourself sleep deprived and channel surfing only to end up watching 'Christian Television' wondering "Is this an episode of the twilight zone?" No it is just horrible theology, bad breath, Italian suits, and helmet hair.

Warning: May cause dizziness, nausea, headaches, extreme anger or frustration, righteous indignation in the theologically sound. May cause loss of faith, loss of money, lack of healing, spiritual abuse in the hurting and helpless. May cause serious future judgment and accountability in the practitioners of such charades.

Now Watch:

Benny Hinn

Tootin' Tilton

This last video has been around in various forms for over a decade. I remember as a teenager being shown a similar video to this one on VHS by my youth pastor around 1991 (approx.). At that time it was a copy of a copy of a copy (ad infinitum). It was very poor quality. The reality is now when you go to your tube there used to be several more but now when you search it says they have been removed due to the copyright claim Tilton has made on the video images of himself?' My question is 'why would he copyright videos of himself farting. What a sick twisted soul!

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the rabbi said...

them there sideburns on your cheeks looks like bacon and i want to eat 'em....mmmm...bacon strips. might use 'em on a BLT or something...or glue 'em to a canvas and call it art....

Rev. said...

That ol' Benny Hinn sure is full o' theological manure... and that ol' Bro. Bob has gotten rid of most of his...ummm...power.

Scott Parkison said...


I must say that I have been sitting here at my desk cracking up at you bro. I just read what you wrote under "expository preaching" and clicked your name to link to your bolg. YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the clergy coming to! Lord Help our youth...I looked at your profile which was enough to make me wet the floor...but the Benny Hinn video was like Ultimate Fighting preacher version!