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Sunday, March 11, 2007

We said goodbye to a friend today (03.10.07)

Brick James went to be with Jesus in Heaven last Sunday about this time (around 1AM one week ago today.) We had an incredible memorial service today to pay tribute to his life and ministry. Most of all we came together to mourn our loss, support each other, and give God the glory for a "life well lived."

Brick fought the good fight and he finished well. Married almost 30 years, serving in ministry 25 of those, battling cancer the last 7. He was an encouragement to me and to obviously so many as some 400 people filled the auditorium of Pottsboro High School to celebrate his life.

I don't worship Brick, I don't idolize Brick, but I did admire him, trust him, and love him. He knew and walked with Jesus and it was evident in his ministry, his marriage, his daughters and his love for the outdoors and most importantly for the wounded, hurting and incomplete of this world. He worked diligently to see that others had an opportunity to meet the Savior Jesus that Brick knew, loved and served.

I will share a few words I shared at the funeral.
Brick was a real man in a day when we don't see to many of those anymore. The world's ideal man is a self made man but Brick was a real man because he was a God made man. He was being sanctified while still here on earth.

For two short years while on staff together I got to witness the results of his sanctification process and his transformation in three ways. He was a good father because he tried to emulate His perfect father in Heaven. Brick loved his daughters and was devoted to his wife.

Brick loved Jesus his savior and he worked with joy ministering to those in our community and in our church that needed to know the Saving Grace of Jesus. He was a lover of the unloved, a missionary in his own back yard. He loved to see our church reach out to the community in anyway we could, especially to the children.

Brick ministered in the power of the comforter, the Holy Spirit. He was a counselor to the hurting and countless people credit Brick with saving them physically from the edge of darkness, leading them spiritually to the Light and Hope of the world, and many more for helping them piece their children, marriages, and selves back together.

I am thankful to God in Heaven where Brick now worships. Thank you that you allowed me to know Brick. Thank you that you have completely and totally healed Brick from cancer. Thank you that you used him in so many lives to bring about your kingdom purposes. Thank you that there is a legacy for his wife and daughters and friends to cherish.

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Rev. said...

I'm sorry. I had prayed for him and his family, and will continue to pray for his family.