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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fun with Youtube

I found these on Youtube and I believe I should subject you to them as well. Enjoy?:

Superfriends vs. Friends

Ghetto Man Roasts the Superfriends

[Note: This is a clip from a show that did not last very long (for obvious reasons) but some of the others are worth checking out as well.

Check out this if you are interested in spoofs of the famously overdone "Wassup" commercials for Bud. There is Jewish Wassup, Superfriends Wassup and Transformers Wassup to name a few.

Johnny Burnette performing "Lonesome Train" (every day is better with a little Rockabilly)

Introduce yourself to James McMurtry if you haven't already with the video for "Levelland" and then do yourself a real favor and go hear his song about Texoma (North Texas/Southern Oklahoma) called "Choctaw Bingo." (Warning: 'Choctaw' contains naughty language). While you are at it check out The Notorious Cherry Bombs, Robert Earl Keen, and Townes Van Zandt (through this tribute from Emmylou Harris, Willie, and Steve Earl playing Townes' songs on Austin City Limits).

I will leave you with an incredible clip from a documentary about Gram Parsons. If you don't know Gram Parsons then that just breaks my heart. So here you go:

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