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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Listen to your iTunes Library anywhere?

Does that sound crazy? Probably not. You are thinking, duh, that is what your iPod is for. But what if you are like me? What if you have an 80 gig iPod and yet that holds less than half of your actual (thus far) digitized music library? If you are like me and have way to much music digital or otherwise for you own good (and more than your wife thinks is reasonable), you look for ways to carry as much as possible without having to drive a U-hual everywhere you go.

Enter sites like AnywhereFM and Simplify Media. They are a welcome edition to my assortment of tools and gadgets that allow me to constantly play to soundtrack of my life in the background or forefront of my existence. Depends on what the moment calls for.

I am currently trying Anywhere FM at work and Simplify Media at home. Both work basically the same way. Create an account. Download there software to upload your music. Upload your music. Connect and listen. Simple. Effective. Free. They both include the feature of inviting and connecting with friends libraries to hear their music as well.

Look forward to hearing from those of you out there that are possibly using similar tools or these options to listen online.

On another note, anyone using a Slingbox yet? I would love to hear about your experience and thoughts on this device!

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