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Friday, January 27, 2006

Baby Better World or Better World Baby?

As a follower of Christ becoming a dad has added a whole new motivation and perspective to my calling. I simply want to lead people to the hope and peace found in Jesus' acceptence in order to make the world and future a safer place. I know this is really not the likely outcome but it is a thought I keep having.

What is more likely; that I can make the world a safer place for my child through spreading faith, hope, and love to others or that I can raise my child in faith, hope, and love to make the world a safer place? It is most likely both. Either way it seems a daunting task. I am glad God occasionally decides to grace me with a little bit of wisdom and insight because I am gonna need it on this one. Keep it coming!

I heard some lady being interviewed on Fox News the other day utter that stupid phrase, "It takes a village..." Has anybody noticed many parents today have relegated child care and child rearing to "the village." Noone seems to notice that "the village" kinda has dropped the ball and in turn they relegated these tasks "the village idiot."

Well, hands off village. A few friends, family, and most importantly mommy and daddy have this one covered.

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Billy V said...

Great point about "the village". A one point it was Hillaryspeak for socialism.