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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I am going to be a dad, daddy, papa, faja. Isn't that crazy and amazing. It is cramazing! I created a life, and now I created a word to describe it! Not really, but anyway.

I am going to be responsible for another human being for every hour and minute of everyday from here on out. That is the single most exciting thing in my life and at the same time that is the single most terrifying thing in my life!!! Isn't that crazy that we choose something so scary and so exciting all at the same time.

I am journeying into fatherhood. That just still makes me laugh to think that, to put it into words. I must be insane. But I am with happiness. It is overwhelming and it all I know for the most part I just have to rely on God to help me out so that I don't screw the kid up.

I think of everything in my life up to this point, I just have a feelin anyway, that when I actually see this baby McMinn for the first time I will see more than ever before from God's perspective and when I am really paying attention during those times in life when you should be, I will see more closely into the Heart of God than I ever have before.

God has the Heart of a Father. I just hope and pray that I can tap into that.

We are having a baby. Jeepers. I have so many doubts and fears and concerns and wonders and questions and hopes and dreams and ideas. In a way it is almost laughable that God would trust us with such an important task. But He does so what does that say about His confidence in us. He doesn't leave us alone to do it, to raise a kid. He offers us His heart and His wisdom to do not the best that we can but hopefully in His strength do the best that He can.

For now and for a long time the question will remain, "Do I have what it takes?"

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Billy V said...

Congrats, big boy. You need to post more. I like your stuff. Big thumbs up to Sufjan Stevens by the way. That was my choice for cd of 2005.