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Monday, January 30, 2006

Dang, It Feels Good to Be a Gansta!

am i getting old? (don't answer that)

quite a while back i sat at starbucks planning my new back to school message series for the student ministry. as i sat there for about 3 hours or so tons of kids came and went, stayed or didn't. i found myself curious trying to figure out if they were high school kids or college kids. i can't tell anymore.

i guess i is old and gettin older.

i am going to check out a new 3 story coffee house down near kelly square today in downtown sherman. me thinks it is called the boiler room.

are you like me? anytime i am sitting in a coffee haus in some metropolitian downtown (i am in sherman so i obviously use the term loosely) i like to read and write and think; and as i do i gaze out the window hoping that a fight will break out between a superhero and one of his evil archrivals. not necessarily his nemisis, i don't want to be too close to THAT fight, just a run-of the-mill generic bad guy superhero. so that the fight only takes the superhero like 4 or 5 moves to subdue the bad guy. just so i can say i was there and blog about it.

maybe even get on the news. but probably not. i think it would be better to just hang around a bit and then leave. go tell a few of your closest friends before they hear it anywhere else. so then when they do hear about they will know you were really there and be in awe of you. but probably, i wouldn't want to be on the news, those people always end up looking like morons. and in the south, if you are articulate, they will always skip you in favor of the guy with the mullet and six pack of beer. you know the guy, he believes in ufo's and has been abducted by aliens or knows someone who has. its 10am and he is standing there with a six pack. one beer open in one hand and just 3 or 4 still left in the pack, holding them dangling by one of the empty plastic rings.

then the interview starts like this, "so mister ledbetter, will you..."

"ahh, just call me leroy, mr. ledbetters my old man."

"uhm, ok, leroy can you tell us what you saw? what exactly happened here today? start from the beginning."

"well i actually didn't see nothin'. i was 3 blocks away wizzin' in the alley when i heard it. it was a horrible ruckus. i actually come over here to see about it because it sounded to me like when someones trailers gettin' repo-ed by the bank. (hocks a lugie and spits)"

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