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Monday, January 30, 2006

Urinal Cakes!

Between a recent episode of MXC on Spike!TV in which one of the contestants threw her fist in the air and eclaimed "I love urinal cakes!" and a post on a friends blog on "Urinal Talk" about the unspoken rules of etiquette we man have at the urinal, it got me to thinking.

They have partitions between toilets, why not urinals?

Who thought of calling them urinal cakes anyway? Cakes? Hardly!

Why are we so homophobic about this? Me included, I must admit I don't want some dude lookin' at my dude.

Do urinal cakes really work? No, they just make a disgusting new aromatic mixture of urine, sickening sweet whatever, and poo. What? Why?

And just because we can pee standing up, does that mean we have to do it up against the wall.

The toilet bowl makes for a much more fun target anyway, if you ask me. And then you don't even need urinal snacks.

Who makes urinal cakes? Is it Little Debbie? Betty Crocker? Sara Lee? Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee! Dolly Madison?

I hear people all the time say that after they eat asparagus, their pee smells like asparagus. What other foods have you encountered that have this same ability to affect the stink of your urine? For me the thing that comes to mind is Super Golden Crisp.

Weird. I am going to bed...

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