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Monday, January 30, 2006

On Becoming a Dad: 01.30.06

Ok, becoming a dad is going to be awesome. And it so cool to tell people and watch their reactions. And hear what it is going to be like and how it is going to change our lives. But who are these people that like to tell you their horror stories? What is the obsession some people have that want to tell us about all the aweful experiences they have heard about.

My wife was on the phone with one person for 2 hours hearing about horrible events and tragedies and 70 hour long births. Do people really think we want or need to hear any of this?

We get it. We know all too well life if fragile. We think of these things on our own. That is just how the human mind works. But the reality is when we think of it ourselves or it enters our mind we can pray it away and dismiss it. It becomes that much harder when people help us think of things to worry about. Thanks.

We know God is in control even if something bad happens but that doesn't mean we want to think about the worst case scenarios on a daily basis. Some peoples minds tend toward worry like my wife's. She knows worry is an issue in her life and prays about it often and trusts God despite what her emotions tell her. How about a little help in the right direction?

Don't get me wrong, most people don't mean anything by it and the majority of them probably realize 2 seconds after it comes out of their mouth that they should not have said it. They wish they could take it back. That happens. That happens to me alot. I live with a sole-of-my-shoe taste in my mouth. But everytime that happens I stop. I don't think of the next dumb, inappropiate thing I can say. I shift gears, move on, change the subject, apologize if needed.

There are just a few of us out there that go on and on and on and on about it. Well today I am giving you official permission to stop. No body likes to hear bad news. But if it happens we will be taken care of by family and friends and comforted by God. However, if the bad news is just what might happen, or could happen, or did happen to your cousin's sister's mailman's blah blah, then be a Debbie Downer no longer! There I have freed you by the power of my rant.

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